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Greetings, I am Andrew Quadrato and welcome to my shop.

My wife Candy and I own a small exclusive manufacturing tactical firearm accessories business. 

We hand build and market proprietary OOber Tactical shotgun and rifle accessories. 

I believe our craft is top tier artisanship backed with our own exclusive guarantees and warranties!

Our client base is military, law enforcement, security professionals, avid hunters and sportsmen. 

We salute them. 


For decades, I enjoyed the defensive and sporting use of firearms. 

I especially like shotguns. I carry a shotgun for defense at home, vehicle and business. I enjoy shotgun sport shooting. 

Shotguns have a problem of limited ammunition carry.

I designed and built a side saddle carrier. Through years of trial and innovation, I designed and built the only  VELCRO® shotgun sidesaddle carrier of its kind in the world. Tested in the field extensively and in the shop, I believe it is far superior to metal alloy, plastic and other floppy cheap imported Nylon based carriers.


Our OOber Tactical Speed Adjust two-point sling built on the knowledge base from Elite Special Forces and my decades of personal experience working as a security contractor. It is the toughest and best ease of use sling on the market. 

I select only the finest materials from the best vendors and work intesively to produce only the best.

You are our client

You are a client!

We focus our small business on you. We do not mass produce. Products are hand made by me. Our clients have 100% satisfaction, because I  build and my wife quality controls every product.

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