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Apex Firearm Accessories for Tactical Shotguns Praetorian series shotgun ammunition carriers built with genuine Industrial Strength VELCRO® adhesive hook and loop.

Carriers are built with polyester loops for best retention, strength and abrasion resistance. 

Carriers come in 8, 7, 6 and 2 shot shell carrier sizes. Carriers will retain 12, 16 and 20 gauge shotshells.

Special proprietary heat bonded core gives excellent retention with ease of attachment and detachment of the carriers. 

Carriers are designed to be a force multiplier. Carriers that hold 8, 7 or 6 shotshells using 2 3/4" shotshells fit back to back in standard AK/AR magazine pouches for operator multiple carry options via tactical vest pouches or attach to vests that incorporate VELCRO® Loop. Carriers easily stash inconspicuously throughout home, vehicle or business.

Each single carrier size 8 and 7 comes with one Adhesive 7"x 2" Industrial Strength VELCRO Loop.

Carrier 6 size comes with one 6" x 2" adhesive Industrial Strength VELCRO Loop. 

Carrier 2 size come with one 3" x 2" adhesive Industrial Strength VELCRO Loop. 

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Select size, number and additional VELCRO® Loop below. Tactical Firearm Accessories

OOber Tactical Praetorian Series Shotgun Ammunition Carriers.

OOber Tactical Praetorian Series Shotgun Ammunition Carriers.



Spartan 2 point speed slings are built by the direct recommendations of U.S. Special Forces. No compromise on material strength, resistance and longevity.

All Spartan Speed Slings are constructed with 1 inch wide Polyester webbing. This material is far superior to leather, Nylon and cotton webbing. It is 5 time more abrasion resistant than ballistic Nylon. The Mil-Spec 17337 Polyester available in only Dark Digital and Quadra-Camo color is commercially made to meet Military Standards. Polyester is the best for rifle slings.

Polyester is superior compard to Nylon, leather and cotton in:

  • Melting Point/Combustion
  • Strength
  • UV resistance
  • Water shed
  • Oil resistance
  • Acid resistance
  • Mildew resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chlorine resistance

Spartan Speed Slings are not sewn. A no sew design allows the operator to customize the sling to their specifications. Full gun steel Chicago screws are incorporated to allow the operator easy hardware attachment change outs  to meet mission specific needs. 

The all steel spring cam ensures fast cinch adjustments to easily flow from hands free to weapons free and back again with a simple pull of the cord. 

A fully adjustable and removable stippled rubber pad is also included.

Choice of colors and lengths.

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It is the best sling on the market.

Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Order Menu Below:

Order standard lengths of Long 38" expands to 55". Medium 34" expands to 46". Short 30" expands to 40". 

Need custom? 

Just input measurements between attach points on your firearm.  Add 2 or 3 inches to measurement if some slack is preferred between attach points. 

OOber Tactical Spartan Speed Slings in (top to bottom) QuadraCamo, Dark Digital & Tactical Black

OOber Tactical Spartan Speed Slings in (top to bottom) QuadraCamo, Dark Digital & Tactical Black



We have tested for over a decade Fenix products and are impressed. Not one failure, EVER! We used the TK12 series for our weapon light systems and have changed over to the PD35TAC Edition for the last couple of years. The TK12s are still in use as EDC and still running strong even with the original TENERGY batteries! For the price point you will not find a better quality light and accessories. That is why we invested into being Authorized Dealers. 

Whether you need just a light or the full weapon system, we have it in our menu below. We have been completely satisfied with this system for over a decade and believe wholeheartedly you will too!

Fenix Limited Lifetime Warranty included.

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OOber Tactical shotgun with Fenix PD35TAC Edition flashlight mounted.

OOber Tactical shotgun with Fenix PD35TAC Edition flashlight mounted.

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